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The TokyoFlash Kisai Link doesn’t tell you the time – it gives you notifications

The Kisai Link isn’t one of the cool watches that you probably expect from Tokyoflash Japan. It’s a Bluetooth notification bracelet that’s available in 28 different styles, so you’re sure to find one you like. Link uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect to your phone, and it can “let you know when your smartphone receives a call, email, message, or social media alert.

Celebrate International Sushi Day, you will!

Were you aware of International Sushi Day. Enterprise Sushi Set, a ThinkGeek exclusive for $34.99, that would be perfect for serving your sushi. You serve the sushi on the wooden stand, use the nacelles and warp trails as chopsticks, and put your dipping sauce in the saucer of the Enterprise. Finally, you’ll need something to hold some soy sauce, and R2-D2 is just the droid you’re looking for.

Thunderbolt 3 embraces USB Type-C connector, doubles bandwidth to 40Gbps

At Computex 2015, Intel has unveiled Thunderbolt 3. The headline feature: Thunderbolt 3 has changed its connector from Mini DisplayPort to USB Type-C. In addition to the new connector, Thunderbolt 3 now also supports USB 3.1 (i.e. Gen 2, up to 10Gbps), and the Thunderbolt transport layer sees ...

Here’s What We Know About Apple’s Plans for Smart Homes

There’s been little more than silence since Apple announced HomeKit, which would allow developers to connect smart home devices with iPhones. Next week at WWDC, Apple will likely outline just how far it can go. While last year’s WWDC demo targeted developers, in a recently published support page, Apple outlined the HomeKit experience from a user’s perspective.

Showtime Standalone Service Arrives in July, Cheaper than HBO

It was only a matter of time before Showtime jumped on the standalone service bandwagon and announced its own app for those leaving cable. When HBO announced HBO Now, it made a deal with Apple to only make [ ] The post Showtime Standalone Service Arrives in July, Cheaper than HBO appeared first on Gadget Review.

Apple iOS 9 Rumored to Benefit Older iPhones, iPads

As the Apple iOS 9 rumors continue to fly, it looks like those of you hanging onto old iPhones and iPads may be in luck when Apple releases its next big software update. Apple is in the unpleasant habit of discontinuing software support for devices long before consumers are willing to give them up, essentially [ ] The post Apple iOS 9 Rumored to Benefit Older iPhones, iPads appeared first on Gadget Review.

Here’s the perfect gift for the Star Trek-loving gardener Dad

You can combine Dad’s love of Star Trek with his pride in his lawn with these garden ornaments. There are four designs to choose from (with the phrase shown on the bottom of the statue): Combine a Star Trek Garden Gnome ($24.99) with some of the plants named for Star Trek (see the ThinkGeek page for links to these plants) for the perfect gift.

Liveblog: Google’s I/O Keynote starts Thursday, May 28 at 9:30am PT

I/O is Google's biggest show of the year, and it's pretty much the only time that Googlers come out en masse and let us know what they've been working on. This year, the keynote is scheduled for two-and-a-half hours, so bring a snack and make sure you've got a comfy chair. We'll be there to cover all the festivities.